Makinom 1.6.0 is here: release notes

This small update brings compatibility to Unity 5.5 (which is now required).

Also included is a neat new editor feature, the foldout jump list! You can turn it on/off in the editor settings, it's enabled by default.
The jumplist is displayed at the right side of the editor, allowing you to quickly change to other settings in your current section.
  • Just what I needed! A quick question before I do the holy switch to 5.5.
    Is the plugin updated to be compatible between Ork and Makinom? :)
  • Tested all plugins and they should be working. Let me know if you run into any trouble :)
  • Yeah, I've reached a problem :(
    Ork, Makinom, along with the plugin run too smoothly with each other that I think there is gonna be more restless nights for me. When will you fix that? Just kidding :D
    Thanks! Have a good time and see you back again on the 22nd after your short break.
  • I'm about to buy Makinom, but my current Unity Version is 5.3.5, Do I have to update unity to the latest version to use Makinom?
  • Unity 5.3 will get you Makinom 2.4.4 - if you want the latest version you'll have to update to Unity 5.5.
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