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Hello Everyone!

Here is my first game done in Unity: Zytlena's Chronicles.

I've begun this game using Unity, then changed to RPGMaker (there was to much to implement to do an RPG), and then, when I've discovered the ORK framework, I came back to Unity :p

The ORK is really an incredible framework, very user friendly. I'm working now on the battle system, it's cool, but not so easy!

Let's talk about the game!

The story takes place in Zytlena, a quiet island floating in a blue sky of clouds.

Thaylin, our main protagonist, discovers a zeppelin in a cave. With this one, he and other inhabitants of the Island could leave it and discover the world.
No one before them had the opportunity to leave Zytlena. What will they find? What dark secrets will they face? Will they disturb the fragile balance of the worlds?

The universe consists of large islands lost in an ocean of clouds. Each one has its own climate, environment and gods. They do not know each other.
So you will travel in places ranging from the snowy mountains to tropical beaches, through cursed swamps to green forests.

The adventure will be in the vein of classical games like FFVII or Skies of Arcadia, with turn-based battles. There will be additional quests to unlock.

The professions can improve the game through better weapons, buffs of all kinds and gadgets to create.
Each profession has specializations that allow you to be improved in a way.

Game will be available in french and english :)

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