Hey everyone,

I have already posted this under the tutorial request. just creating my own thread also.
I was wondering if anyone has a guide on setting up 2D battles?
Final Fantasy 5 perspective style? Had Ork for a while, and now I have found time to give my little project some love it deserves. :)
  • I've done an early prototype that's similar to the Legend of Mana that is all in 2D before. It's not that much difference than doing 3D battles, to be honest.
    Just be aware of the limitations that 2D has compared to 3D like camera positioning and object position for example.

    Maybe @kirb can help you on this since his game is all 2D.
  • As mentioned in the tutorial request - there isn't much difference to 3D battles.
    Just use prefabs of the sprites instead of 3D prefabs. In the events used to animate the battle (e.g. battle events of the abilities) you shouldn't use camera changes, or at least limit them to 2D space and without rotations.
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  • hi,me too make a 2d game, ORK Tutorials is 3d.
    If the @gamingislove author has no intention of a set of 2D tutorials, you can get 3D->2D some tips?
    3D to 2D which really big difference, maybe I understand ORK is not deep
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    From ORK's point of view, the difference between 3D and 2D isn't that big. You'll mostly just use prefabs of 2D objects (sprites) instead of 3D models.

    Other things to keep an eye on:
    - set the Raycast Type in Game > Game Settings to one that uses 2D raycasting (e.g. Only 2D or First 2D)
    - set the Horizontal Plane settings (found in various locations, e.g. in the move AI) to XY if you're working on the X-Y plane (which is usually the case if you're working in 2D mode in Unity)
    - keep camera stuff simple, e.g. don't do rotations
    - movement usually only happens on 2 axes, i.e. X and Y (when using the X-Y plane)
    - you'll probably want to use custom player/camera controls
    - disable Turn Player to Event and Turn Event to Player in Event Interactions
    - generally try to avoid doing rotations on game objects (since you're working with sprites)

    I've written a small how-to with more detailed information.
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