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Makinom 1.5.0 is here: release notes


Big update coming for Makinom, adding a feature some of you may already know from ORK Framework, but on a much larger scale:

Selected Data
Selected data could be anything, a game object, a component or a variable handler (i.e. what's storing all variables of a source, e.g. global variables). Or a list of multiple things, like 2 game objects and a component.
Each set of selected data is stored using a data key, which is also used to later access or change it.

Selected data is available like variables, i.e. there is global data, local data (available in running schematics and formulas) and data bound to objects through an Object Variables. It will replace the current found/global objects system, your old settings will be updated automatically and should work as before.

So, what can this be used for?
E.g. keeping track of multiple variable sources and changing/checking them together. Enemies storing potential targets individually. Storing multiple custom components that need to be changed or checked regularly.
In short, there's a wide range of things selected data can be used for, mostly for more complex game mechanics.

Selected data can be used as the source for other things, e.g. as variable origin or game objects.
When using selected data as a variable origin, it'll use all stored variable handlers, as well as all object variables of game objects stored in the data, and also game objects of components stored in the data.
When using it as a game object, you'll get all stored game objects, as well as all game objects of stored components.

Makinom 1.5.0 will probably be out by the end of next week
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  • Awesome, happy to see this feature come from ORK. :)
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  • Also coming in this update:
    • String Fields
      Automatic popup selections for variable keys and other data while you type in string value fields.
      Until now you had to press the button at the end of the string field to show all known keys/values, this is now automatically displayed while typing. Can be disabled in the editor settings.
    • Reflection Fields
      Like string fields, reflection fields will also automatically display available data (e.g. class names or functions) in a popup.
    • Variables
      The new Selected Data variable origin uses variable handlers stored in selected data (e.g. directly stored handlers or from Object Variable components).
    • Formulas: Game Object Selections
      Formula object selections now also support using the root and child objects of the selected game object.
    • Formula/Schematic Nodes
      New nodes for using variable handlers, components and game objects to change selected data.
      Some schematic nodes have been renamed (e.g. Change Found Objects is now Select Game Objects) to match the new selected data feature replacing found/global objects.
    • Schematic Nodes: Component
      Where needed, component nodes/selections now support using components stored in selected data instead of a defined component of a game object.
    • Schematic Nodes: Change/Check Target Frame Rate
      New nodes to change and check the target frame rate of the application.
    Release postponed until next week, I want to squeeze in some more features :)
  • And another useful (and requested) new feature:
    • Schematics: Stop/End Slots
      The schematic's Settings node has 2 new slots for special executions.
      The Stop slot will execute the nodes connected to it after the schematic was stopped (i.e. stopped from outside, e.g. by destroying the machine component).
      The End slot will execute the nodes connected to it at the end of the schematic - i.e. you don't have to worry about connecting all possible endings to things you need to do at the end.
      The End slot will not be executed if the schematic was stopped, i.e. only the Stop slot will be executed in that case.
  • Makinom 1.5.0 is here: release notes
  • Ooh! The Stop/End Slots sound super, super useful. I'll get a ton of use of them!
    Thanks as always, GiL :D
    Tactics RPG Grid Battle System for ORK
    I make Dead Gear: http://www.deadgeargame.com
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/Kirbychwan
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