I have Prefab1 that has an Auto Machine with onEnable to show a button on it and when it's pressed it spawns Prefab2 with another Auto Machine with onEnable then destroys itself.

This acts like a working toggle by itself, however when my scene reloads the buttons from before stay and overlap the new reloaded scene buttons which prevent me from pressing any button that is behind them.

Is there a different way I can make a toggle so that the buttons are cleared when the original game objects are reloaded and/or destroyed?

Any help is greatly appreciated!
  • If your buttons are added to ORK's canvas, they wont be destroyed on scene changes, because the canvas is not destroyed either. I.e. you'd need to manually destroy them.

    If the prefab1 auto machine shouldn't run when reloading the scene, you need to use variable conditions.
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  • That makes perfect sense, thank you so much.
    I've been learning so much with Makinom these past couple months and it is awesome!

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