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On the topic of Breakout game tutorial set to Peggle style.
Breakout to Peggle style
I want to make an Aiming Line to show where the Ball will shoot to.
Unity Raycast info

I know I need to use the Raycast Node but what would be a good starting point to get a basic line drawn from the ball to the hit position of the raycast?
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  • You could set it up similar to the gun shooting line in the survival shooter tutorial, i.e. have a game object with a Line Renderer in your scene and set the line using a schematic.

    An example can be found here. The Enable Component node is used to enable the line renderer, the Call Function node is used to set positions for the line - you'll probably need 2 of those to set the start (0) and end (1) point of the line.
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  • This worked for drawing a straight line from the Ball to the hit position.
    Thank you,

    However I was looking for more of a simulated ball hit position with the gravity applied.
    So what I did was first make a basic particle effect to shoot out from the ball position at 1 sphere particle per second with gravity applied to line up with where the ball will hit. Then I made an empty game object to place the particle on. Then have two schematics on it that enables or disables it based on if the ball is in play or not.
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