That's Western style as in Fallout, Arcanum, Baldur's Gate, Divinity: Original Sin, etc, not as in a Clint Eastwood flick. Although that would be cool too.

It's in the very early stages of development, but I'd like to share what I've done so far:









Terrains were built using Gaia.

Environment models are from 3DForge (Village Exteriors and Interiors).

Character models are from Arteria3D.

The character portraits are placeholders that I grabbed with a quick Google search so if you've seen them before, that's why. ;-)

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    Lookin good! I have an access pass for Arteria3D as well, are you using any of his music/soundscape packs? Gaia is turning out to be very useful for me as well, but I haven't made anything that can compare to what you've done, keep us updated with more progress and sign me up for Alpha/Beta :)
    Forgot to ask, are those speedTree trees? If so, how is the performance in your opinion?
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  • Thanks!

    Yes, I'm using several music tracks from Arteria3D as well. And I have to say that his model packs have taught me a lot about the technical side of creating game art -- because virtually every single one is broken in some way and I have to fix it. Seriously, I don't believe that he tests anything before releasing it.

    At least his music packs can be used without spending hours recreating materials and trying to find a missing texture in an older pack. ;-)

    Yes, those are the Speedtree models that are part of the Unity Standard Assets. The performance isn't too terrible; it's the grasses and flowers that really seem to tank performance if there are too many.

    I tried spawning the trees as Game Objects instead of part of the terrain, as my camera adjusts its height when not focused on the player by raycasting to the ground. The colliders on the trees kept pushing the camera up (and also got in the way of the raycast used to pick a destination to walk to). This ended up absolutely killing my frame rate. I tried deleting all of the colliders on the branches and leaf sections and that did help somewhat. But I need to look into something like Sectr to really address the performance issue.

  • I like what you have so far in the screenshots.

    I will agree regarding the Arteria models and the music packs.
    Speedtree performance on my old Geforce 650 is subpar. The scenes run, but, framerate can drop at times. I'm thinking of switching back to Unity trees - I don't need the realistic look though.
  • This is great, nice work, looking forward to seeing more :)
  • Cool, atmospheric screenshots, I get a Drakensang: The Dark Eye vibe from them.

    I try not to use 3DForge/Arteria packs, as they are overused in the community, even if that shows how good they are in the first place. ;) I use more obscure asset models, but I don't expect any of them to work out of the box, which they don't. Bi-weekly Unity patch releases have a tendency to break things.
  • @Gregorik,

    Thanks! That is the sort of atmosphere I'm going for.

    I know the 3DForge models are widely used (although how many of those projects see release?), but I chose them because nothing else comes close in delivering a truly modular kit of the same level of quality and the sheer amount of stuff included. It cost me $90 for the two Village kits, but they're a steal at $120. And it's very important to have environment models that work together visually.

    Cobus now includes a PSD showing how the textures map to the buildings, so my plan is to customize or replace some of the textures later on in development.

    As for the Arteria3D models... Well, it was a relatively cheap way to get a wide variety of characters. The player models in those shots are One Base Male and Female, but I intend to use UMA once the DK UMA integration has been released.

    I downloaded the OBM for UMA package and discovered a new level of broken. Not only do all the slots need conversion to UMA 2, but the included normal maps don't look right, several outfits are incomplete (Mage lower robes but no torso, how useful), there is bleedthrough of the base mesh everywhere, and most of the torso armour pieces end right above the belly button, leaving about 3 inches of vulnerable abdomen exposed when paired with the leg armour. His older packs had chain mail textures to apply to the base body meshes, but there is nothing of the sort here.

    But despite the reliably terrible technical aspects of his work, I do really like the visual style he uses -- it's generally much more realistic and grounded in the real world; no spikey armour and giant weapons here. Those of us who are using his models should collaborate on fixing them up and making them more usable. :-)
  • Your screenshots are beautiful. I had a subscription for a year to Arteria 3d's work when it wasn't so expensive and I think his models are gorgeous, those I have.

    Using them in Unity 5.3, I did have to tweak some things but they still look good. My only complaint is that those of his models I bought from the unity asset store are all now deprecated. And he's removed his figures from the store.

    Also the older models don't have enough animations. His monk is beautiful but the idle pose is virtually useless and there's no sitting pose so he can't contemplate.

    Looking forward to more screenshots of your work.
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