Does Ork support physics, such as a cloak fluttering? or Manikom does? or neither?
  • I'd say that's up to Unity's physic engine.
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  • Which I have no knowledge of...
  • just search google and watch some tuts
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    Which I have no knowledge of...
    Then I would probably begin getting familiar with Unity. It's important to distinguish that ORK isn't an engine, it's a framework FOR the Unity engine, after all. :)

    As such, I'd probably recommend that you familiarize yourself with how Unity works before delving into ORK. Otherwise it will probably be pretty difficult to understand the workflow.
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    If you're using a prefab of a character or monster that can wave it's cloak or whatever and you bought it in the asset store just write the creator and ask what you should do.

    That's all Unity stuff as everybody points out. Maybe look at some tutorials. But basically either the creator of the asset set it up to work with Unity physics in the most recent version of Unity and it does or he/she didn't and it doesn't.

    I have an asset like that. I just stopped using it as it doesn't work with Unity's current physics engine.

    No tutorial will ever help me get it working as the fault is in the asset itself.
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  • @Dark_Ansem you can make a cape flutter and act right in Unity with that script linked below.

    Most of your needs can be met by purchasing scripts from the Asset Store then implementing them into your game. i have yet to encounter any that did not work just fine in the ORK Framework. Also go through all the game building tutorials on this site so you can get a good understanding of what exactly ORK's role in in your game. It will clarify questions like this for you in the future.!/content/16743
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    Thanks David, that was exactly what I meant! Dynamic bone... brilliant. I would have never thought about that.

    Everything is on hold however, courtesy of my laptop dying.
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  • THe cloth system is actually really good in unity, you basically "pin" the cloth or cape where it would pin in real life, set up colliders to keep it from going through the player or building. I was suprised how easy it was when i first wanted to set up a cape. Theres pretty much a tutorial for everything youd want to do in one way or another you jsut have to use google to the max! eventually you might run into some things that arent common, like a special way you need to do something to get your systems to work together. Forums are great for that. ORK is really great Dark, and its worth the money, especially if your looking to introduce yourself to game design, the ork tutorials alone (you can build a small game with the game tutorials) and it will teach you some of the fundamentals of game design. At least get your head in the right place it needs to be to figure out what you want to do.
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