I have some questions...

1) I am using a whole-scene RT battle, and i am testing a simple attack: can the ability show targets only if they are in range? At the moment, if the target is in scene but not near, the ability is available and the target is grayed out, but this way the player knows that there is such an enemy somewhere... Instead, if there are no enemies, attack can't be performed. Any way to have the attack "clickable" regarding if there is a target or not, and only list target in range and not out of range ones?

2) is it possible to have a command inside the battle menu that closes the menu itself? I am activating it through Control HUD, but i have to keep that HUD visible to close the menu. As the player can choose to move (with Makinom) i would like to give him the chance to close the battle menu at its will.

  • 1) Currently not, if there are targets around (even if they're out of use range), they'll be displayed - as they could come into range during the selection.
    The ability is only unusable if no target is in battle range.

    2) There should be a back/cancel button option in the battle menu.
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  • 1) Would you mind seeing if you could change this a bit, or just consider as a side option? I think in roguelikes or other games where the player is not supposed to know which enemies will face a "hide out of range" or similar feature could be useful. ^^

    2) i see only an option to go back to first menu tab, the one with categories like attacks and abilities, but not a close-menu option, maybe i am missing it?

    3) i was considering raycast targetting also.. Which setup should i use for single target ability, to fire the shot only if a valod enemy is clicked? I am using 2D environment.
    Still about raycast, is it possible somehow to cancel the cast while you have the cursor active?

    Thanks a lot Gil!
  • 1) Currently not.

    2) There's back options in the base settings of the battle menus.

    3) Since you're using Makinom, I'd suggest doing it like it is shown in the roguelike tutorial.
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