Now I have loaded up with some questions that confuses me:

1.) I have created a scroll under items... what it basically does it to start an animation and spawn a prefab. That part is working just fine. However what's not working is that I have ticked the box "consume" and even though I only have ONE scroll then it never depletes. But my health potion that is basically the same setup with the exception of the animation parts and the target changes. Is there anything I may have missed.

2.) Is there any easy way to highlight item prefabs that are placed on the ground. So to make it easier to detect them, especially in dark environments.

3.) Is there any way to set so the items that drops off defeated enemies will drop as an item box where I can choose a default prefab that will be used for the itembox? Ie I want the items to be located in the dropped bag.

4.) Monsters starts to run towards me to attack, when I am starting to cast a spell instead actually starting to do that when the spell HITS them. Any way to solve this?

Now over to the targeting questions that I am really confused over:

5.) How can I select myself as target? I have a individual targeting with target cursor as well as the normal target cursor up and running. The individual is working just fine on monsters when I am tabbing to either select/deselect or choose next target. So I tried to add another Target Setting and there I choosed to not select enemies (Select enemies - No) and then I set that Next Target key should be F1. However I just can't get it to select myself to have the cursor on me.

6.) Is there a way to have Ork to automically select myself as default target UNLESS I have anything else targeted?

7.) The auto targeting is really confusing me... So far I have found 3 auto target settings. One under Control Maps (which basically says that it will use the target selections settings under the user combatants AI settings. There I have only checked the attack individual target box since I basically want the game to only allow attacks on targets that have been individually selected, unless it is self only stuff which will be autotarget. Still for some reason I can walk within distance of my flame missile abilitity and hit the monster without having it individually selected.

The second auto target setting is under the actionbar hud. Under status element 0 (Shortcut type). There I have a use Auto target setting that says "" The shortcut will be used on an automatically selected target. Abilitites and Items user their Auto Target settings, the nearest target or a random target in range. Equipment will be equipped on the combatant of the shortcut slots." Well this is interesting...since I have checked the other option "Use individual target) then I thought I won't need this auto target selected, but if I have it disabled then I can't left click on the abilities in the hotbar to activate them, instead what happens is that I "pick up" the ability so I can move it to another slot or drop it. This isnt what I want. Also without that one selected I still can fire off my flame missile without having any targets selected with the assigned key ie "2". If I activate Use Auto target then I can fire off my abilities by left clicking the hotbar slot, and again monsters being autotargeted.... the funny thing though is since I am having abilities that can be used a certain time until depleted (they will be restored when you have rested) then once the ability uses are gone, instead of doing nothing when I click on the hotbar slot it AGAIN picks up the slot instead. I only want to move the abilities in the hotbar by holding down the mouse button and moving them.

The third auto target setting I have found is under the ability itself.... however that is basically requirement, status values etc that I can add to have it autotargeted. I am not sure what settings I could benefit of having here, since I would only like to tell the ability that it should use ONLY targets that have been selected individually and no autotarget at all.

To conclude question nr 7....

# I want to use individual targeting ONLY for enemies.
# I want to have myself targeted as default for all abilities that are set to be used on allies, unless I have selected an ally myself as target.
# Abilities with self as target works fine as they are now.
# I want the hotbar buttons to work on left click
# I only want the abilities on the hotbar to be moved around by holding down the left mouse button and dragging.

So how do I get this working?

  • 1) You need to either have a Calculate step in your battle event or enable the Calculation Needed option in the event's settings.

    2) That's up to your prefabs, e.g. using a different shader.

    3) Not yet, but that's on my list.

    4) Depends on your setup - move AI, the combatant's aggression type, etc.

    5) There's the Select Enemies setting in the individual/group target settings which handles if you can select, enemies, allies or all combatants. Working fine on my end, make sure the current battle mode is enabled in the Usable In settings.

    6) There's the Auto Select option for individual/group targets. If no other target is around, the player should be selected automatically.

    7) The ability's auto target settings define the conditions for automatically selecting a target. This is used in battle menus (where the combatant fitting the conditions is preselected automatically) and by control maps and shortcut HUDs for auto target selection (along with the combatant's AI settings).
    In control maps and shortcut HUDs, the auto target option just means that using the action assigned to the key/shortcut will use auto targeting.
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    1.) Solved! That did the trick thanks!
    2.) Well I was more thinking of something similar to the target cursor, like the blinking or a more consistent glove on things that are dropped.
    3.) Thanks! Really looking forward to that.. you are almost there :) I saw you could set under inventory settings that loot dropped from combatant should be placed in a item box, then we just need a way to point to a prefab that we want to use :)
    4.) Well here are the settings:

    I can see any reason why they would react when the ability is cast, when the setting is that they should react on damage. Before you added the function to react to damage then they didn't react at all. Now they do react so that's an upgrade ;) It feels like the combatant reacts to an offensive ability casted against them and not a change to the hp.

    5.)Well as I wrote above I am using the Select Enemies setting and I created two different target settings, one for enemies (which is workin) but the second one where I put Select Enemies to No is not working, neither if I click on F1 which is the the assigned input key for next target or if I am using mouse click on my own character. I have copied the target settings that I use on the enemies which is working and only changed the Sekect Enemies setting to No and change the Next Target input key. When I start the game then nothing happens at all when I click on F1 or mouse click on my own character. I can't see the Set Cursor child object applied upon my head which is does on my enemies.

    6.) Ok I will try that one... I had that one unchecked on my target settings for enemies since I want the player to actively choose a new target when the first one dies. I have it checked though on my second target setting that should only select allies. Ok I tested it an using auto select on the enemies target setting is crap then it will automatically identify the enemies and put a target cursor on them even if I can't see them myself. That's not gonna happen for my players though. So that setting needs to be off on the enemy individual targetting at least. Should work good on the ally targeting if we can get that to work though.

    7.) Thanks for the reply, but this doesn't help with the problem unfortunately...

    Part of it may though... I will cut and paste from above:

    To conclude question nr 7....

    # I want to use individual targeting ONLY for enemies. I still have the problem that the abilities I have in the shortcut bar automatically finds a target to hit, even though I have unchecked the auto target functions, and having no individual target set.

    # I want to have myself targeted as default for all abilities that are set to be used on allies, unless I have selected an ally myself as target. This may be solved once I get the target self working

    # I want the hotbar buttons to work on left click. It does work IF I have auto target set on the status element 0 (shortcut types), but also is buggy when I am out of uses it "picks up" the ability instead of just ignoring clicks on the shortcut. Also I don't want auto target as you know, I only want the individual targeting to work, still even without auto targeting he finds his targets automatically.

    # I only want the abilities on the hotbar to be moved around by holding down the left mouse button and dragging. Again this happens when you have clickable option set, which you need to be able to active the shortcuts with the mouse button. One the uses are gone on the abilities then it picks up the icon of the ability instead of ignoring the use attempt

    So please give me some input in how I can make the auto targetting stop working on enemies so that only individual targeting can be used. What settings needs to be in place for that? I basically have tried everything that I can come up with.
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    what he means @gil is something like this with detection on hit.
    this is the basic setup of what i use for my ai and it works fine. and im using ork variables in my ai to get the change to call that ofc my code is based off my scripts but you know what i mean. just figured id post it to help rectify the issue :) with the ai not waiting for hp change to react to damage on hit.

    public void StatusValueChanged(Combatant combatant, int id, int change)
    Health = combatant.Status[OrkHealthStatusID].GetValue();

    if (storedHealth > Health)
    agent.destination = GameObject.FindGameObjectWithTag("Player").transform.position;
    if (agent.remainingDistance < agent.stoppingDistance)


    storedHealth = Health;

    storedHealth = Health;
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  • 2) That's still something you'd need to do on your prefabs, not part of ORK.

    4) You're right, detect on damage is also triggered by using on enemies - will fix that in todays update.

    5) Still working fine here in a similar setup.

    7) Using shortcuts by clicking only works when using auto targeting, otherwise it's drag+drop. Will look into non auto-attack control maps/shortcuts being used automatically.
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  • 2.) Ok I see... not possible to add a function that allows us to add ie a spotlight child object or similar to items that are dropped?

    4.) Great :)

    5.) I sent you a test project so you can take a closer look...

    7.) Ok THAT is good news :) Then I will not bash my head against the wall anymore until this has been fixed and continue with other things instead!

    Thanks for the help! Much appreciated!

  • 2) Pretty much everything is possible - the question is if I'll implement it, and that isn't really a high priority feature :)

    7) Tested it and not using auto target and not having individual/group target selected works as expected.
    But there's a new option for shortcut HUDs coming, allowing use by click when no individual/group/auto target was used/found. Self items/abilities will be used on the combatant automatically, others will trigger the target selection.
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    2.) I guess it also depends on how much work it is around it, and the adding of a child object lightsource felt like and easy fix ;) Especially if we can have the dropped items having a separate layer so that the ie spotlight only lighten up the actual item. Having such feature would be very sweet since most games have something similary.

    7.) Sounds good, but when you say trigger target selection will that mean that it will look for a target and if none found will it ignore the ability/item used and possible be able to put up a message saying "No target found"? ;)

    8.) Have you been able to take a look on my test project to find out why I am not able to target myself?

    9.) Would you mind explaining a bit more how the group target is working? I haven't activated it yet since I am not sure of it's function. Since it looks about the same as individual target settings
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  • 7) No, it'll first look for a target due to individual/group/auto target settings. If none is found or those options aren't used, it'll trigger the usual target selection for the player to select a target (i.e. menu, click, etc. - depending on your target settings).

    8) No, not yet. Also, please don't just send test projects without being asked for one :)

    9) Group targets and individual targets work the same way. The difference is that a group target is available for the whole group, while the individual target is only available for the individual combatant that selected it.
    E.g. you can select a group target and (when set up for it) your group members will direct their actions on the selected group target.
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    7.) Ok just make sure that there is an option to not have any autotarget at all.. I mean in my real time battles then I ONLY want abilities to work on either myself or on enemies that has been targeted individually.

    8.) Well the test project is a late creation since you asked for one twice on my former questions, but then I went on vacation so couldn't create it until now, but then as a bonus I have these issues that could be taken a look into as well ;)

    9.) Ahhh now it makes sense.... I was thinking group as a group of enemies and not as you just explained my group (which won't effect me since you will only play one character. Thanks for the explaination.
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  • Ok I just tested out the click on use... Well now it's working with the left clicking again which is good. However since I am running realtime combat its very annoying as soon I am nearby a monster but not having him targeted and then clicking on the skill in the hotbar then a "turn based" target menu comes up :p. Please give us a option to disable that so the ability just do nothing if the target isn't there. Then I am 100%...err 876% happy with the results ;)

    In my case I don't want the player that has not detected an enemy (and this not targeting it) to be able to push an offensive hotbar button and wham there they have all my sweet hidden targets ;)
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