I searched a bit on the forum and i didnt see any tutorial using the New UI.

Can someone explain to me how can i use this feature? i saw i have to put prefabs... just show me the right direction and i ll find my path :) any free new ui "skin" or something are appreciated

thank you.
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    There are some problems with ORK's implementation though, or so i've found.
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  • oh didnt see that sorry :( i was searching forum and tutorials, forgot to see the how-tos. i ll take a look thanx!
  • one more question, am i able to use an animated kind of GUI with the new UI selection on ORK? i m having a hard time making a good gui since i cant use other assets ( like inventory pro ) with ORK.
    Do i miss something?
    I m totally new to this sorry if i sound noobish.

  • Ok i managed to understand how the refabs work thanx Maximal,

    now i ve made the prefabs ( splited etc ) and putting them in the right location in ORK.

    Now i m trying to make an inventory from the tutorial inventory and a skillbar... i cant manage to make it work, i created a new guibox, trying to position everything right to achieve something like this: http://tinyurl.com/qz2zyd3 ( i have all the components ), the unused slots dont go where i want in gui Editor in NO way.... is there any ORK tutorial about that?
  • The grid on the left can be achived by creating a list with 6 colums, the one on the right should be possible by using the position choice mode.

    I'm talking about Choice Settings on your Gui Box.

    No tutorial on this one, you just have to experiment.
  • thank you mate, i ll try this, i was experimenting with choice settings all day i think i might burnt my brain so ill try again tmr :)
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    So you want when you click on a menu screen to show your inventory like the square grid on the left and have slots for the player on the right, so when you click on an inventory item like an armor item on the left it shows up on the player on the right?

    And if you click on a potion on the left....you just use it?

    Once you set up the prefabs for your UI, all the rest is tweaking the GUI Boxes as Maximal says. But I've never done what you want to do--that doesn't mean there isn't a way to do it.

    On the right side you're basically showing a 2d figure and trying to have equipment viewers set up to reflect what the player's inventory choice is from a selection on the left side?
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  • yes i want my inventory like the left one, and drag items to skill bar, weapons/armor to character screen, and when i double click the item in inventory to use it or equip it.

    thats not the hard part.

    i just cant make it look this way with the choice settings, i ll give it a new try today though in the GUI Editor, i need to figure out why it doesnt let me position all the choice "Boxes" on my own on gui editor
  • your image is doable just a matter of setting the spacing on the columns and experimenting till you get it right id set it to something like 2 columns set to vertical with 3 or 4 rows and space it out around your image int he middle is all
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  • i kinda did it, but i have buttons only on usable spaces. i dont see the empty ones even though i check an option tha says about show empty... any idea?
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