Hello everybody;

I apologize for my english, i'm French.

I would know if my idea is reasonably practicable with Ork Framework. I would make a FPS-RPG like Daggerfall in a unique city, with dialogue like Baldur's Gate (Don't worry, not in english).

1° More precisely, I would create a game with the skills-system of Daggerfall ( "Practice makes perfect"). I see in your site than abilities is only for battle. Well, i'm not sure to understand the difference between abilities and skills. But, do you think than i can create a skills like "Lock-picking", "Sneaking" " Eloquence" ?

1 bis° If the answer is Yes : For exemple I want to create a locked door. The Player can use the skills "Lock-Picking" and he has a little chance to open it every-time he is trying.

2° I want to create a system with "disguise". If the player is wearing this clothe, then PNJ of this faction have a pourcentage to be "neutral" instead being a ennemy.

3° the magic system seems to be used only in battle. It's possible to create a magic system which is not use in battle ? (Like a spell of teleportation ? )

Thank you for your answer !

PS: If you don't understand my message, i can make an another to explain my point of view.

  • Hi!
    Ork is totally amazing, and you will discover it the more you practise! I suppose you can achieve a game like that, concerning your points, quite easily.
    Before examinating your questions, i must tell you that spells can be casted even out of combat, in field: you can specifically choose the usage conditions for each of them. :)

    1) i suppose these would be better declared as attribute, or you could simply use variables. I don't see particular difficulties in setting up such passive skill system. :)

    1b) i think a simply random check using the variable value as max chance would do the trick. So yes

    2) i cannot check directly, but you should be able to change faction settings during games (factions in Ork are used to set aggressive or non-agg npcs), so it is possible.

    3) as i told you, magic can be used out of battle. For teleport a stored variable position should do the trick without much effort.

    One suggestion, follow the tutorial. You will be amazed in how many things Ork is specialized. :)

    Beyond that, GiL is awesome, he will help you for every doubt, and the framework is constantly updating. :)
  • As Kaemalux said, using abilities outside of battle is possible - the use conditions and where you can use them can be set up for each individual ability.

    1) Abilities and skills are the same thing. ORK has active abilities (that are used, e.g. an attack or a fireball) and passive abilities (that give bonuses and other status benefits, e.g. +100 MaxHP, +10 on lockpicking, immunity to poison status effects, etc.).
    Since you can use a combatant's status values (things like HP, STR or smithing, lockpicking) in formulas, the event system and various conditions (e.g. for being able to equip a weapon or use an ability) you can do a lot of things with passive abilities.

    Your lockpicking example would be something for the event system - the door would be an event, in the event you'll check for the lockpicking ability (probably best a passive one), do a chance check and either open the door or not, depending on the chance outcome.

    2) That's handled by the faction system. You can either change the faction of the player to a different faction that's friendly with others, or just change the sympathy value between the player's faction and the other faction.

    3) Yes, that's possible. For teleporting you can either use the teleport system with defined scenes and positions to teleport to, use game variables to remember scene names and positions or use storing scene positions (a system where you can remember one position per scene).
    All of that can be used in an ability through the event system.
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