Hello everyone,

I m new to this Unity world but ORK Framework made my day! wanted to ask if there is any inventory asset ( like Inventory Pro that i read it doesnt support ORK ) that i can use with ork.

Thank you.
  • Ditto, any inventory assets like Inventory pro that handle inventory and most UI functions that integrate with ORK or any plans to integrate Inventory pro, I already talked to dev, he indicated no on his part.

  • @dlevel,

    What are you wanting to accomplish with a 3rd party inventory system that you can't do with ORK's native inventory functionality?
  • my post was a year ago. i m ok now :)
  • dlevel said: dlevel
    HA, did not even notice the date.

    Keldryn said: Keldryn
    Nothing, I use Inventory pro in many of my projects, I am simply more familiar with it and it would speed up development with ORK if it were integrated, but as it seems it is not, or will be, I will have to look closer at ORK's built in systems.
  • I didn't look at the date on the original post either. :-)

    The main area where I think ORK's inventory system lags behind Inventory Pro is on the UI end of things -- but you can always build a custom GUI if you need to.
  • It would be great to have non-line based but proper cell-based inventory with drag and drop and hover info/compare ui functionality in core Ork Framework - just like we hhave different battle systems - and a nice comprehensive HowTo tutorial covering this too...
  • It would by nice, to have some more UI tools and system in ork.
    To make a more Diablo-like inventory.
    Someone have an idea how to start, doing something like that?
    Better buy some in asset store and try do integrate with Ork.
    Or maybe try to use Ork UI tools to building similar system?
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