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    Did you already receive the upgrade to ORK Framework (aka ORK 2)? If not, please send me your order/invoice numbers to contact@orkframework.com.
    You don't need to code anything with ORK Framework - a good starting point would be to follow the game tutorials.

    Adding your custom controls is also pretty easy, explained in this how-to.
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  • You already sent it to my registered mail address , i will buy "adventure camera" and try to add it by this tutorial i hope it works thank you .
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    Hi, i was trying to make different kind of physical attacks but i couldn't achive. I have coppied attack formulas and used different animations. Whatever i do it plays main attack animation for my secondary and third attacks. I would like to use different parts of my character as damage dealer . For example when she kicks(as an animation) damage dealer in the leg should do the damage. But only main attack "which is connected to fists" works (I want to do it in Real time battles.) Could you please tell me how can i add my secondary,third... attacks . Since i am not a programmer please explain it as your tutorials one by one thank you .

    "if required my registered mail is tarikzyalcin@gmail.com. Since it was asked b4 if full version had been sent"
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  • There is already a tutorial that explains the mechanics of damage dealers/zones and abilities here.
    If you want different abilities to play different animations, you'll need to create new battle events for them that animate it how you want it.
    Same goes for using different damage dealers - the tutorial example uses the Tag 'weapon' to activate the damage dealer. To use different damage dealers for different abilities, it's best to give them different tags (e.g. weapon_hand, weapon_kick, ...) and use those tags in the ability's settings for auto activation.

    Or, if that's about the attack combo - there are already topics about that in the forum, e.g. here :)
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  • I would like to formally request a written tutorial for at game start create a party of 4 members, where you select the class and gender then add them to the game. I tried figuring it out with the node system using the input you provided in a previous question I asked. however I appear to be incapable of it. This would have other uses for other buyers as well as select your player is a general demand at the start of many games anyway.

    Could I ask for a WUSIWUG gui tutorial as well? I cant seem to make my changes stick, and there doesn't seem to be a save button...

    Previous question:
  • I'd like some code examples. Possibly using the Third Person Example from the Sample Assets, and merge it to your already existing tutorial. Maybe showing something like tying an ability to a button, and battle menu to another.

    (I suck at reading through the API. Only reason I can make any rhyme or reason from Unity's API is due to them having code snippets for a lot of their functions.)
  • I think a short series of tutorials based on manipulating what you've already taught us in the previous tutorials to make a 2D game (a la Final Fantasy) would be very appreciated. I know most of it is extremely simple and works the same in 2D or 3D, but some things (such as movement animations) are very different.
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    Would it be possible to make a tutorial showing how to create tactics style battles in the area? Like Final Fantasy Tactics/Disgaea.
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  • I would gladly donate to the framework just to get a "Mechanim animation" tutorial. I've literally been trying for days to get this to work with Ork's input system. I've been using the "ActionHeroMotionPack" from mixamo for my tests, and no matter what, the only animation my character will do is the "idle" animation.
  • +1 for Mecanim and Navmesh tutorial. Unity's Sample Assets are great for that purpose.


    or the new Nigtmare project assets.


    Also, May I suggest an in-depth node creation tutorial.
    I couldn't find a "change material" node recently and thought It shouldn't be hard to make one but don't want to dive into source before reading a tutorial about it.
  • There already is a mecanim tutorial available here.

    What would you need in a navmesh tutorial? ORK doesn't really do much with navmesh, if it's on how to set up navmesh, there are tutorials on that topic available from Unity.
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  • Any chance we can get a brief tutorial on Ability Trees?
    I know what they are obviously. I'm just looking for something to explain how they work within ORK.

  • Hello GiL,

    I've looked through that mecanim tutorial and wanted to learn how I could use parameters other than trigger? Can I use Mecanim IK? Mecanim animation curves and events? Animation layers?

    It seems like, legacy animation system will fade-out slowly within Unity5.X series. It seems logical to add features for Mecanim.

    It might be wonderful, if you can re-create one of Unity's projects using ORK. Either "Stealth" or "Nightmare" that would solve most of my questions. Those projects utilise most Unity features, plus there are lots of features that you can add using ORK.


  • Hello, new to ORK, interested in mobile specific tutorials.
    I'll be trying to get the controls working after I finish the game tutorial with normal controls, but I'd definitely be interested to see how a more experienced user would do it.
  • Could you guys or anyone that has experience with ORK Framework do some video tutorials? I feel like this pages needs to have a section or a wiki to upload video tutorials and have more detailed information on ORK Framework. Like that would allow some people that are combining different assets and integrating them to ORK to make specific tutorials.
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