• Same here, Loop! I'm sure at some point I'll need to use variables and numbers aren't exacting my strength. D:
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    One cool tutorial would be how to use your own camera and control behaviors (or custom behaviors in general), for example I plan to create a game similar to Parasite Eve (Survival horror + active turn RPG) so I will need to write my own player control behavior.
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  • We'll come to the player/camera controls soon - just a hint, pay a visit to Base/Control > Game Controls, set player/camera control to None, add a Control Behaviour and set the name of your behaviour.
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  • a Mecanim tutorial for Ork. My Kinect Christmas Gift is Ready for Action :)
  • I'd really like a tutorial to cover mini-maps, if I may be so bold :)
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    I'd really love to see an in depth tutorial on how to manipulate the battle cameras in Active time battles :) wonderful work on this asset btw. Can't wait to see its future builds!
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  • Just so it's here, could we get a tutorial on how to use the Load Scene in a Start Battle Event to set up specific arenas for battles please :).

  • Hey LordHogFred, in the spirit of sharing, GiL already gave me a good idea of how to do this, so I'll run you through it!

    You'll need a battle arena scene, of course, with a spawn point.
    Now, in your battle start event, add a 'store scene' to remember where your character is currently located. Then, you can go ahead and 'load scene'. You need your spawn nodes to come after this stage.

    Then, in your battle end event, you need to 'load scene' and check the 'stored scene' checkbox.

    It might take a little tweaking to get things up and running how you like, for example, I found then unchecking the 'on ground' checkbox in the spawn point actually helped my characters to find the floor, rather than slip through it.

    I also personally found that spawning combatants on the field didn't work with this technique, rather, I use the random battle arenas, and those work nicely.

    Hopefully I've not made myself look foolish by missing a point here.
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  • Hey. I can not understand how to create a scene menu is not Mine otobrazhaetsya menu itself. Take out the tutorial and still no menu. Can make a lesson on creating menus. It would be nice if the lesson would be shown how to create a menu of objects.
    Thanks in advance!
  • I would love to see a tutorial on how to set up the turn based system that was used in the old Goldbox games such as Pool of Radiance and Curse of the Azure Bonds.
  • I would like a tutorial on the navigation HUD , still dont understand it .. at least a tutorial with a very simple exemple :)
  • I'd love a tutorial on button pressed attacks in TB or AB Battles. Comparable to the fighting system of the South Park: The stick of truth game. Basically you choose your attack and when your character attacks you see a little "bling" and you gotta press your attack button. If you press it too soon or too late, the attack won't have the full amount of dmg or you could say on the correct execution you'll break the defense of the enemy or something like that. Is that possible with the ORK yet? :P
  • Use the Wait For Input button in your battle event (found in Base Steps). To show a "bling" or whatever before/while the button can be pressed, you can either use an autoclose dialogue or show an image.
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  • Nice! Was wondering if a Paper Mario-esque battle system was possible. Pretty neat!
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    Hello, i am a 3d artist and animator. I don't have any code knowledge. I bought ork 1 and last 1 year i created a huge world with hundreds of animations also stories. Now its time for the implementation i am so excited . But my lack of knowledge about the code slows me down. So i am going to ask some help. First i need to know how to implement a character/camera controller that i bought from asset store to ork. Second is there a script/asset that you can suggest that is more friendly with ork. (i can buy it no matter it is free or priced) I need a 3d person mmo type camera controller are you planning to add a better 3rd person controller . Please prepare a more detailed tutorial about this one. Thank you a lot .
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