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I'm currently following the game tutorial, and am up to: http://orkframework.com/game-tutorial/2013/11/08/22-battle-events-2/
however, it's asking me to select Prefab 0 and Prefab 1 for certain parts, however, I don't seem to have them.

Also, I'm having issues with testing, where my brownpants character only misses the target, but the target hits my character fine with it's normal attack.

I've followed through everything and backtracked all day, yet I still can't figure out what I did wrong.
Did I miss anything?

Any ideas?

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    You can use the same two prefabs from Battle Event 1 which are in Standard Assets. If you are using Unity 5 though I don't know if they're in there. Or you can use any prefab of your own--particle prefab.

    Maybe the chance setting for your player attack is too low or it's blocked by the enemy?
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  • Those Sparks and Sparks2 prefabs are also in the Project Resources you can download from the Tutorial page. Make sure you have the right Resources depending on whether you are using Unity 5 or 4.x.
  • Um, the thing is, I'm not able to even get the field to open..

    also, I'm unable to add an audio clip

    however, I was able to place Prefab1 for the Prefab area for the attack script..

    Also, I can't seem to find Sparks and Sparks2 in the Project Resources
    Do the particles have to be named Sparks and Sparks2 for the tutorial?
  • Oh! I'm an idiot.. I forgot that I had to put them in the Event Settings. Thanks for that!
    Also, I think I've gotten the missing issue solved as well

    Thanks again!
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